Established 2010EIGHT YEARS

Since 2010, Matías Nahrwold & Diego Rivera have been crafting hard ciders with organic grown apples that come from old orchards located in Chile’s southern Araucanía Region.
Both their Nature and Brut ciders are handcrafted. They are also very refreshing, gluten free and have a low alcohol content (7.5% by volume).

Nahrwold & RiveraHONORING

Quebrada del Chucao is a family-run business dedicated to producing quality ciders. It was created by the cousins Matías Nahrwold and Diego Rivera in 2010 in Huiscapi, Chile’s Araucanía Region, as a way of honoring the cultural and cider-producing tradition of the first European immigrants who settled in the south of the country during the XIX century. To make their own ciders, these settlers planted apple orchards for domestic use and thus introduced a set of apple varieties.

With time, these varieties ran out of commercial use; many of them are almost forgotten or even unknown. But fortunately some of those old orchards have survived for almost a century, and now we use their apples to produce a very distinctive and flavorful cider. Though not certified, the apples for our Quebrada del Chucao ciders are organically grown. We don’t use commercially grown apples and we only press once a year, immediately after harvesting.

Since our first harvest in 2012, we have bottled at Quebrada del Chucao more than 15,000 liters. Our ciders are sold both in the domestic market and exported to the United States, Australia, Canada and Brazil.


Diego Rivera

Diego is a winemaker by profession. He graduated as an Agronomic Engineer and Oenologist from Universidad Católica de Chile. He is a big fan of wild life and a great wine enthusiast. Since his student days, Diego was interested in developing a great cider with the apples he got to know and taste during his childhood summers spent at his grandmother’s farm in Huiscapi, Araucanía Region.

Matías Nahrwold

Matías is a graphic designer by profession. His home is in Quebrada del Chucao, Huiscapi, and he is in charge of administrating the business and crafting the cider. It was just a matter of time for both cousins to start making quality ciders in southern Chile. Diego contributes with his winemaking knowledge and Matías deals with the process that brings this refreshing cider to life, year after year.

Harriet Nahrwold

Harriet is a wine writer who collaborates with different media, written and on line. She is as well the founder of At Quebrada del Chucao she is in charge of marketing, public relations and sales. Harriet is a great wine and cider lover and likes to travel visiting different wine and cider producing regions in the world. As Diego’s mother and Matías’ aunt, she joined the business in 2015.